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While someone would advise you to dream big, Huma would say ‘Dream Bigger’. Meet our today’s author – Huma Masood.

A stock market trader by profession and a lifestyle blogger by passion, Huma Masood is an Indian author who grew up in Kuwait. Currently, she lives in Delhi, India. Huma holds a Masters in Business Administration (Finance/ Marketing) and has worked with top Kuwaiti firms (from 1997 – 2004) in the Marketing & Research sector holding senior positions.

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Huma writes on lifestyle changes and work-life balance on her blog Silken Scribblings

What made you choose self-help and motivational guide as your theme?

I had started with the intention of sharing interesting workplace stories, but after I started writing, my perspective shifted. Maybe, because of all the negativity and dejection that you sense so often across media that,you want to counter it in some way with little positivity 😊 I went along with my thought flow.

You are a stock market trader by profession and a lifestyle blogger by passion. How do you bring synergies into both these aspects of your life?

Yes, but I am foremost a reader and because of my passion for reading I became a trader – I had casually picked up a book written by a trader and my interest grew – and a writer.

I did not have much difficulty picking up trading because in my first career, I was a market researcher. I found analysing stock charts remarkably similar to analysing the companies’ market shares.

Time management is tricky but manageable, weekends are no-work zones. Learning to trade has been more than learning a new skill, I learnt to control my emotions and patience too, I intend to write about it in detail some day 😊


Which 3 rules helped you achieve your dream?

  1. Learning should never stop, never skip a chance to learn new things.
  2. Regular reading habit.
  3. If there is will, then there is way.

Good ones!

What are you planning to write in your next book?

I’ll focus on 7 changes that are beneficial for all – irrespective of age, gender, community, etc.

What would you like to advise to readers who dream big?

Dream bigger… Take small steps towards your dream and decide a realistic time frame to reach your dream, otherwise it will remain just that – a dream😊

Are you reading this, peeps!

Which motivational blogger do you follow?

I have read many authors. But I don’t follow any blog in particular. I start following on SM if I find someone’s shares inspiring. This way it is easier to manage time, since I follow and read trading related articles too. Motivation comes from unexpected places.

Which is your favourite book to movie adaptation and why?

There are some good ones, but nothing comes to mind offhand.

How do you overcome writer’s block?

What I have to overcome is pure procrastination. Inspiring ideas come at awkward moments – good ideas start flowing when I am in a situation where I cannot take notes. But if I feel distracted, I prefer to take a break. I love to binge watch shows; it winds me down me just like a weekend getaway would.

Share tips on publishing and marketing your ebook.

Still exploring tools and platforms. Going with the flow. Guess the underlying fundamentals of marketing and sales are the same as any other product.

Throw some light on how you research while writing.

Google and Pinterest are good tools for general research. But if you want people thoughts and opinions, one could tweet a query or quote and start some sort of group discussion… depends on how many people respond though.

Now, we got some pretty useful information from Huma. How about learning more about her book ‘Dare to Dream’:

Written in a simple language about ‘Simple changes that can bring a big difference in your lifestyle’. It is an interesting read in two parts. 1. Create your vision & define your goals and 2. Take easy steps to achieve your goals. It also includes practical exercises.

You can avail of Huma’s book by clicking here.

Huma, do comment and let us know how this interview experience was for you. Also, do read, share and comment on your fellow author’s interviews as well.

Did you like today’s interview? Did you find it funny or useful? Whatever your thoughts might be, do share here!

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16 Responses to Interview with Huma #AuthorChatter #anshuasks

  1. Ravish Mani says:

    A cool interview, Anshu. My fav line: “Inspiring ideas come at awkward moments – good ideas start flowing when I am in a situation where I cannot take notes.” Great doing, AuthorChatter Trio 👍

  2. Huma Masood says:

    Thank you, Anshu. It was a wonderful experience to be interviewed by you. Cheers to the Authorchatter initiative!

  3. I so agree with Huma when she says ‘learning should never stop’. We stop growing when we stop learning.
    Great interview, Huma & Anshu😊

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  10. writenlive says:

    Great interview, Huma. I found your book very informative and inspiring. Here’s a lot of luck to you for your future ventures.

    Thanks for the good questions, Anshu.

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