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The brain behind one of the best parenting blogs (Aesha’s Musings) of 2016, Aesha Shah is a teacher, a writer, an avid reader with a lifelong love of books.

And BTW, she is also the one who introduced me to BlogChatter…!! How grateful I am to her! 🙂

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Aesha at a glance

Let’s see what Aesha has to say about her book ‘Decoding midlife’

What was the idea behind choosing ‘Decoding Midlife’ as the subject of your book?

I am approaching my 40s in a couple of years and I had this urge to reshape my life. Thus, I chose Midlife as the subject of my book as I am passionately optimistic of my life ahead and wanted to share my thoughts/opinions with my readers.

Which is your favourite chapter in the book and why?

This is very difficult. I have two favourites. First one is the first chapter of the book- Ambition and another is Marriage. I say both are my favourites as both are equally important for me to make my life happy during Midlife and beyond. I wrote both this chapters passionately and it is in these chapters that I express myself most candidly.

What message do you want to convey through your book?

I want more people to approach midlife with optimism and not consider it a crisis phase of life. I have opened my heart out and expressed my innermost feelings to motivate people to look at life with positivity.

How writing the book has helped you evolve as a writer?

Writing has been my hobby since childhood. It has always been a therapeutic experience for me. Whenever I have found myself in situation of self-doubt, sadness, stress or times of happiness, I have written in my daily journal. Thus, writing on midlife gave me a perspective on my own life. I explored those facets of my life which were unknown to me as well.

During the course of writing this book, I changed the sub topics many times. By the end of the book I improved myself as a writer but what mattered more to me is that I gained more confidence in myself as a writer. To say it in a few words – I was ready to take that plunge from being a blogger to a writer.

And how we are impressed, Aesha!

Name 3 eBooks in the BlogChatter campaign that have resonated with you.

The ones I loved the most:

The Golden Rainbow – Balaka Basu

Tales With A Twist – Varadhrajan Ramesh

Tara – Anshu Bhojnagarwala

Peeps, hope you are hopping on to these next! 🙂

Which is one genre that you would like to write on next?

I am exploring fiction now. It gives lot of creative satisfaction. I might not be very good but it gives wings to my imagination and I am enjoying that as of now. But you never know when inspiration strikes and I might like to write something else as well. Such is life of an aspiring writer, I guess.

Don’t we know!! 😉

What is your sun sign? Do you believe sun signs affect a person’s personality?

I am an Aquarian. I do believe it affects a person’s personality. I am truthful and affectionate like a true Aquarian. Also, inefficient sometimes like them. I tend to get lazy but then I blame it on the creative person in me.

Ha ha!! Well said!

How do you overcome writer’s block?

I take a walk around the house. Just stare outside the window. Sometimes I listen to music as well. If nothing clicks, I just take a break from writing for a few days and read more.

Share tips on publishing and marketing your ebook.

Since ‘Decoding Midlife’ is my first book, my family and friends were very excited to read it. I didn’t need to market it much. I shared it on social media and received very encouraging reviews. I am myself looking for tips on the same. However, I really appreciate the support Blogchatter provided by conducting live sessions and twitter chats to provide guidelines on publishing and marketing.

Throw some light on how you research while writing.

Most of my parenting blog posts are based on my personal experiences but if I am writing on topics like guiding children on puberty, menstruation or building self-esteem in children or emotional development in a child; I research on the internet. I read different articles on various websites and I also read many books. Being a qualified teacher, I have read various books on education and child psychology so I incorporate my learnings in my blog posts as well.

Aesha on her book Decoding Midlife –

My Book ‘Decoding Midlife’ is all about my goals, objectives, hopes, desires, wishes and aspirations from the middle years of my life. This book is about approaching the Midlife with positivity and vigour and not by considering it to be a crisis phase of life in any way. Writing this book has been an enriching and moving experience for me. I explored various facets of my personality which were unknown to me as well.

Check out the review –

Decoding Midlife will soon be on Kindle. Meanwhile, download the book for free from here

Aesha totally rocking her dramatic reading –

Do check out Link to GoodReads page –

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This interview is a part of a series of interviews conducted jointly by @Ashwini_Menon, @priyreflects and Yours Truly.

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32 Responses to Interview with Aesha #AuthorChatter #anshuasks

  1. Some wonderful wise words Aesha wrote in the book.
    She is honest, straightforward and so soft spoken like a true Aquarian.
    Enjoyed the interview, Anshu & Aesha. Well done.

  2. geekanika says:

    I totally agree when Aesha says she put her heart in to this book. The thing that strikes one most about her writing is the sincerity and heart in it. It makes her writing very endearing and fresh. BTW, apart from her writing, I am most fascinated by her yoga skills. This girl does a mean headstand, so midlife has nothing on her. She probably won’t near it for decades.

  3. babyandbeyondin says:

    I remember when Aesha had told me about the concept for her book, I was really looking forward to reading it. It’s so refreshing to see someone talking about midlife with a positive outlook, rather than a “crisis” phase.
    All the best Aesha and looking forward to reading more of your fiction too.

  4. Hey Aesha, I had thoroughly enjoyed your posts during the A2Z challenge. Not many talk about the topic. I thought your honest approach towards it was very refreshing. Best of luck with your eBook and hope you publish a book on fiction soon. Oh, and BTW, I am a huge Jeffery Archer fan. I have not read Clifton Chronicles though. Will do so soon. Feel like I connected with you through this interview. Thanks, Anshu for that! :):)

  5. Aesha says:

    Thanks for choosing to interview me, Anshu. I could retrospect on my experience of writing the book and few questions made me introspect as well. Like I had never thought about the genre I would like to write next.

  6. Rashmi says:

    It’s good to know someone who is optimistic and confident enough to accept the midlife and the life ahead happily with vigour. Well said Aesha, it’s not a phase of crisis. In fact, it’s a bliss to explore your own self. Good luck ahead. Will be waiting to read your fiction 🙂
    Lovely interview Anshu and Aesha!

  7. writenlive says:

    Lovely interview, Anshu. Your questions brought out so much information from Aesha that made me understand her better.

    Aesha, your book has such an unconventional topic and a very positive outlook. I am really hoping to read your book very soon and be enlightened.

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  9. Balaka says:

    Firstly a big muah to Aesha for naming my book. Second muah goes to Anshu for bringing to us this interview. Aesha is a fabulous writer and she writes with full honesty and integrity. Her writings are never fake or sugar coated. I loved the honesty with which she wrote about approaching midlife. I was glued to her series throughout A-Z and could relate to most of them as I am also going through the same phase in my life. I wish great luck to Aesha for her future endeavours. She is not only a great author but also a great human being. Love and hugs

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