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Like all Indians, I love spices and cannot do without them. Also, I believe in their natural powers to cure our body. So just imagine my excitement when I came across this book on spices – Spicy Trail.

Meet our today’s guest – Shipra Trivedi and the author of Spicy Trail. As a new age woman, Shipra plays multiple roles in a single day – a family-manager at home, a team lead in the office & a writer of wee hours.

BTW, we are interviewing her on her birthday!!

Wish you a very Happy Birthday, Shipra!! 🙂

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Shipra Trivedi who dons many hats

Who has been the greatest influence on your cooking?

My mother. Like in any Indian house, the kitchen is ruled by my mother. She has great culinary skills. And her knowledge of different cooking ingredients, methods and lost recipes inspire me a lot.

Name 3 spices that you cannot absolutely cook without.

Black cardamom is my super favourite. Then I love cinnamon. And finally, cumin without which north Indian tempering is incomplete

Who in the family appreciates your cooking the most?

My 4-year-old boy. He appreciates everything that I cook. You guess the reason 🙂 Other than him, my mother-in-law is the biggest admirer of my cooking skills.

Tell us the challenge you faced while writing your book ‘Spicy Trail’.

The biggest challenge was daily writing. I had nothing drafted in advance so I literally wrote every day for the whole month of April. And in between my boy fell sick, I resigned from my office and my house-help stopped coming. Despite all this, I could manage to complete all 26 posts with the help of my husband.

Atta girl!

Where did you learn ‘Dadi maa ke nushkhe’?

Most of them are shared by my mother as those are age-old practices. My father also knows many such home remedies. He has good knowledge of Ayurveda. A few I got to know while reading about spices.

Which genre you would like to write the next time?

I have been writing non-fiction mostly. So continuing that, I want to write about important events of Indian history, as many of us have forgotten how India changed with time. But it depends how much time I spend on my study and research on this subject. Also, cooking is my forte. So I would probably go with writing about 26 different pickles or chutneys.

Looking forward to it, Shipra!

Who is your favourite chef and whose recipes you diligently follow?

I remember I used to watch “Khana Khazana” in my childhood. Sanjeev Kapoor is my favourite since then. Now I follow chef Vikas Khanna and chef Jamie Oliver.

All my favs too!

How do you overcome writer’s block?

I talk to my husband about my problems and where I am stuck. He is a man of ideas. And after discussion with him, every challenge seems small.

Share tips on publishing and marketing your ebook.

Honestly, this was my first attempt at book publishing. So I learned from my own experiences. After switching my job, I relocated as well and because of that, I could not craft my book well. That is why I did not spend much time in the marketing of my book. I know it could have been better. But my twitter friends helped me a lot. They gave their time in reading and sharing about my book. It really helped. I am very thankful to all of them.

Throw some light on how you research while writing.

I prefer researching for every such post wherein I am giving some real information. And being a software professional, google is my next door friend. I often write facts shared by mother. Those are not documented anywhere but they are getting passed from one generation to others, like folklore. When needed, I refer books and old TV shows as well.

About Shipra’s book:

The intent of this book is to give a brief of 26 different spices in 26 chapters. Each chapter has one spice, its attributes, history, and ayurvedic benefits. With that, every chapter gives a home remedy (Dadi Maa Ka Nuskha) using that specific spice only.  The world of spices is very vast. Albeit, this books provides a short tour there.

Those who have journeyed through Shipra’s book :

Download the book for free from here 

Don’t forget to take a dekko at this cute dramatic reading by Shipra.

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  1. Wow.. tales of spices. Sounds like a fascinating book. I loved the interview and your questions. Well done, Shipra & Anshu😊

  2. geekanika says:

    Happy Birthday Shipra. What’s cooking for the birthday feast? What a ‘hot’ title your book has. Sounds fascinating.

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  8. writenlive says:

    Spicy Trail sounds very good, Shipra. Kudos to you for completing the book inspite of the many challenges.

    I love the asides/added comments from your side to the replies, Anshu.

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