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Being an Amdawadi, I had been brought up on its laid back attitude towards life. So after my wedding when I moved to one of the biggest metropolis in India, it was definitely an eye opener. I could see people running all the time, be it at 5 in the morning or 11 in the night. I was shocked to see ladies running in their navari sari to catch a local train and riding in a BEST bus standing elegantly even at midnight. And the condition of traffic in Mumbai is not unknown to the rest of India. I was overwhelmed to see the immense sea of human population everywhere; on stations, local trains, BEST buses. And if this was not enough, we had the all famous Mumbai rains to contend with. I remember once I was walking on the pavement outside Andheri station in pouring rain and maddening traffic. It was so overcrowded that I couldn’t even open up my umbrella, there was just not enough space. I came home all drenched and tearful.
But now 5 years later, this city of extremes has got under my skin. The crowds haven’t disappeared but now I am dissolved in them. I see the safety that Mumbai women enjoy commuting in late hours and I also see the quest for survival in people that keeps them up and running all the time. Now I have learnt to walk in Mumbai rains on overcrowded streets without getting soaked to the skin by walking under already open umbrellas. If the ever-rising skyscrapers and sprawling slums make me claustrophobic, I have learnt to look at the never ending expanse of the Arabian sea. I have learnt to smile in pain. Yes, I am one of them. So this blog is an ode to the quintessential spirit of Mumbai, meri jaan.

This page is dedicated to the eateries that I have visited in aamchi Mumbai, be it a plush restaurant in SoBo or our gali ka tapri.

Indigo Café, Andheri

  Indigo Cafe, Andheri There’s a cozy little café down our lane called the Yellow Tree Café (it is shaded by a huge tree with yellow flowers, that’s why the name) that we had been long wanting to visit. Yesterday … Continue reading

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Quick Bites

Hot and Delicious Vada Pav Vada Pau: You can’t be in Mumbai and not have the Vada Pau. One would say it’s the staple diet of Mumbaikars. There are numerous Vada Pau stalls visible at every nook and corner of … Continue reading

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Sammy Sosa – The Mexican Restaurant

My husband, Rishi’s cousins stay in Goregaon which is hardly a 30 min drive from Andheri but it had been almost 3 years since we had last met. Yes, sadly that’s Mumbai life for you – lazy and busy. So … Continue reading

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