Interview with Mayuri #AuthorChatter #anshuasks

I am sure you had a great time going through the interview of Manas.

Here’s a short but equally insightful tête-à-tête with Mayuri Nidigallu.

Mayuri is a Tarot Card Reader by profession and a Writer by design. Since she is already aware of what the future holds, she enjoys unwrapping the present.

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Mayuri Nidigallu at a glance

Let’s learn more about Mayuri and her book ‘26 Favourite Foods & A Little Bit of Me’ which I stress upon is NOT a recipe book. 

Who inspires you to cook?

Would you believe me if I told you that I ABHOR cooking?! learnt and started cooking only about 6 years ago, primarily because my Husband is a foodie, and secondary I was tired of depending on maids to come in and cook for me.

Which is your most favourite recipe from the ebook ‘26 Favourite Foods & A Little Bit of Me’?

The Sattu Laddoo recipe has to be my favourite. The Laddoo is delicious, nutritious and so easy to make. They look so aesthetically pleasing too.

(Do check out this recipe in her book, peeps!)

What gave you the idea of sharing your personal story along with the recipes?

The initial idea, suggested by fellow blogger Romila, was to write about 26 of my favourite foods. Then The Husband suggested that I should concentrate on cuisines from all over India only. As I began writing, I realised that writing only about food was getting a bit boring, so I thought I should add little anecdotes, related to the food featured or just keeping with the alphabetical order. Interestingly, most people think 26 Favourite Foods & A Little Bit of Me is a recipe book, which it is not. I added only those recipes that I had on my food blog.

Who is your favourite chef? And why?

Undoubtedly, my Mom. She is the most versatile cook I know. It is all thanks to Mom that we grew up developing a taste for varied cuisines. We had Italian for dinner, Maharashtrian food for lunch. Parsi food as Sunday lunch and Continental Food whenever the mood struck. Mom uses the least amount of Oil, Ghee and Spices, despite which her food tastes simply awesome. Her Moong Dal Halwa is the best in the world! A special mention to Sailu of Sailu’s Food. That website is where I learnt all my Telugu cooking from.

Share with us a few interesting anecdotes from your cooking journey.

Strangely, I got the ‘tougher’ dishes right straight off, from the the first time I made them. Dishes like Pakodewala Kadhi, Dal Makhani, Sambhar, making Dosas from scratch, making all my Mithai’s at home are what I got right the first time around. It is the everyday food I struggle with.

(Tell me!)

Which is your disaster recipe? The one that no one touched.

I can’t make Roti’s and Parathas to save my life! I breakout in cold sweat whenever I do! My Roti’s, if not eaten immediately straight off the stove, feel like Frisbees. I fear for the dental welfare of people who have to eat them.


What would be your advice to upcoming food bloggers?

Please mention exact quantities of the ingredients. Try and keep your recipes simple. Share a few tips, tricks and options to turn the recipe around.

How do you overcome writer’s block?

I was buried under one for 4 long years and that period was one of the worst periods of my life. I tried everything I could to overcome it and failed miserably. Then I stopped thinking of overcoming it, and started reading. A lot. Then one day I just started writing again.

And ain’t we happy!

Share tips on publishing and marketing your ebook.

Blogchatter is instrumental in publishing my book, I am still a klutz in that area. As for marketing, use all Social Media generously, without become a spammer who is eventually blocked. Plug your book once every week, so that newer people know of it.

Throw some light on how you research while writing.

Google! It has all the answers.

I couldn’t agree more!

About Mayuri’s book

Food and Memories are what my book is all about. Food has the power to keep you connected to your past, even as it evolves to fit the future. Come walk down memory lane with me as I share with you my favourite foods, and memories.

Download her book from blogchatter’s site

Read what fellow authors have to say about Mayuri’s book :

Do check out Link to GoodReads page –

@Mayuri6, do comment and let us know how this interview experience was for you. And do read, share and comment on your fellow author’s interviews as well.

Fellow authors, did this interview surprise you? Did it tickle your funny-bone? Did it make you think?

We would love to know. Do comment and share your thoughts.

This interview is a part of a series of interviews conducted jointly by @Ashwini_Menon, @priyreflects and Yours Truly. If you want to read other interesting interviews head to Ashwini’s blog for Rashi Roy’s interview and Priya’s blog for Maheshwaran’s interview. 


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55 Responses to Interview with Mayuri #AuthorChatter #anshuasks

  1. Enjoyed the interview. It was funny. Makes me want to grab a copy. Also I m taking a note of all the favorite books by the authors and read the ones I haven’t.
    Excellent interview. Mayuri & Anshu, well done.😊

  2. Mayuri6 says:

    It feels surreal to read about myself, Anshu. Just between you and me, I got a kick out of it too :))))
    Thank you, once again.

  3. Meenakshi says:

    Gotto know Mayuri a bit more through this rendezvous.Thanks for this interesting interview, Anshu.

  4. geekanika says:

    Sounds yummy!

  5. Medha Nagur says:

    Hi Mayuri, totally agree with you on your take on writer’s block. You simply grow as a writer as your book collection grows on your bookshelf! I was never much of a reader but I have changed that for good now. I have been reading quite a lot from the past few years and slowly getting there. Enjoyed your interview until the end. All the best.

  6. Varsh says:

    Mayuri is a friend and her food pictures on Instagram can making anyone’s tummy rumble. Loved the candid interview and knowing her a bit more closely.
    Looking forward to reading her ebook.

  7. Anagha Yatin says:

    Got to see a slice of Mayuri’s life as a cook and as a writer. Loved the the way the questions are framed and no doubt the answers by Mayuri won my heart! Specially the Frisbee chapatis 😉 Overall, it was great to learn about the “making of” of Mayuri’s book.

  8. mahekg says:

    She is a great cook. I have tried her recipes and its easy to follow. She is an amazing person too.

  9. Loved it Anshu! You got all that we wanted to know since ages 😉 all right points and key notes to follow in blogging.
    Mayuri is witty 😉 we know that and her crisp to the point answers are awesome.
    Thanks for brining us this side of M.

  10. Manas Mukul says:

    Wonderful!! Interview Mayuri.
    Loved to see she didnt just make it about food and blended it with personal experiences and stories. I would also like to congratulate her for her husband who doesnt shy away from his key inputs 😉
    Surely will download and read to learn that Sattu Laddoo 🙂

  11. Seems like Mayuri, like her mother, was born to be a great cook. I can only cook on those days when I feel like I can tap into my limited supply of patience. Most days I hurry and mess things up. Maybe if I knew how to read Tarot cards, I would know if my cooking attempt would turn ok or disastrous and proceed accordingly. Kidding!! 🙂 🙂
    Interesting interview. Enjoyed reading your comments Anshu, after Mayuri’s answers.
    Good to know you Mayuri. Best of luck in your future endeavours!

  12. writenlive says:

    Mayuri, if you can be a great cook and write books on food even though you hate cooking, then there is hope for all of us 😀 loved the candid interview.

    Thanks to you Anshu, for the wonderful questions that made it feel like a conversation over chai and pakoras.

  13. Lavanya says:

    Wow, being a south Indian, I enjoyed all the three varieties of sattu that my friends brought in college and at work. definitely going to check out your book for making the sattu laddoo!

  14. Deepa says:

    I met Mayuri through blogchatter and all thanks to them, I met a wonderful person and also got myself a great friend. I have read and even reviewed Mayuri’s book and it’s wonderful how she related food to personal stories. Loved the questions and her witty answers. 🙂

  15. Rashmi says:

    Who doesn’t love food and that too with memories sprinkled all over it! Will definitely try out some recipes from your ebook Mayuri. It was fun reading the interview Anshu and Mayuri 😀

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  26. Ishieta says:

    loved the interview – A fun read – the quintessential Mayuri 🙂

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