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Book Review – A Murder on Malabar Hill

It is no secret that I love reading murder mysteries and that Dame Agatha Christie is my favorite author in the genre. Last week, as I was picking up a book of Sophie Hannah in the Agatha Christie series, my … Continue reading

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#TellTaleThursday – The Wrath of Gods

Today’s prompt is this powerful image – His eyes opened to the majestic blue sky. A clear sky would be delightful to many, but not to him. It meant his woes would not come to an end today. Shaking his … Continue reading

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#TellTaleThursday – Innocent Wish

Prompt – You make a wish at midnight and it comes true.. Innocent Wish Jenny came home from school. She threw her bag on the floor, flung her shoes in the air and sat on the kitchen stool with a … Continue reading

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#TellTaleThursday – The Hand

“Aren’t you afraid of ghosts?” Sia asked Rohan upon leaving the theatre after watching a late-night ghost movie. “The whole theatre was screaming in fear, only you were sitting unperturbed through it all.” “There are no ghosts in the real … Continue reading

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Let the hair down – #TellTaleThursday

Prompt for this week – At a dinner party, you find that someone’s drink is spiked Write a story narrating what you will do next. Word count – 247 Words Let the hair down He was sitting on the Barstool, … Continue reading

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Book Review – The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry

I am taking part in the Write Tribe Reading Challenge and I have opted to read 24 books this year (though I am hoping to read more). There are 24 prompts given, and this book adheres to three of them: … Continue reading

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#TellTaleThursday – 30th May 2019

Prompt for this week – The Bridge to Hell Word count – 164 Words Her mother told her not to cross the wooden bridge. “It’s the bridge to hell! One who goes never comes back,” she said. Little Anna was … Continue reading

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