Bon happetee – My weight loss partner

There was a time in my late twenties (and I am not proud of it), when my husband and I were eating out at least 3 times a week. We had two fantastic cooks, and we still ate out a lot. There were times when we gave away absolutely tasty food to our building watchmen, because we suddenly didn’t feel like eating at home. This lifestyle went on for almost 4 years.

But, then my husband had a health scare that served as an eye opener. And, we realized what we were doing. We were slowly killing ourselves. What was wrong with ‘ghar ka khana’ (home cooked food) that we had to eat outside! We consciously changed our lifestyles. We started making almost all the foods that we ate in fancy restaurants. Going out didn’t hold as much attraction as before. It’s not that we don’t eat out, we still do, but it’s now restricted to once or twice a month, and only to carefully curated places that practice fresh and clean food preparation.

Not even restaurant outing, we have seriously cut down on our processed foods. We get breads once or twice a month, and that too from a little bakery in our lane that bakes fresh breads every morning. We make our own strawberry jam and store it. Likewise, we make peanut butter. We use homemade white butter.

These changes, I know, are not enough, but they are definitely a step in the right direction.

We consume medicines when we fall sick. What we don’t realize that we won’t have to consume many medicines, if we eat right. Yes, that’s the power of eating right.

My husband and I have pledged to stay fit and healthy, and supporting us on our fitness journey is Bon happetee, the smart weight loss app for foodies.

anshu picture bon happetee

Bon happetee is an app developed by my husband and his team, that with its smart recommendation engine recommends meals according to your palate, cuisine preference and fitness and weight goals.

Let’s make a fit and healthy planet. Join us in our cause. Click here at Bon happetee and join thousands of happy food freaks who have learned to eat what they want, but in the right way.

Happy eating to you!