Indigo Café, Andheri


Indigo Cafe, Andheri

There’s a cozy little café down our lane called the Yellow Tree Café (it is shaded by a huge tree with yellow flowers, that’s why the name) that we had been long wanting to visit. Yesterday being a sunday was my cook’s weekly off. Thus, it provided us an excellent opportunity to dine out. Being a casual roadside joint, we didn’t much bother dressing. At 7:30, we put Aanya in her stroller (she doesn’t get much opportunity to stroll in her stroller, not that she even enjoys it, prefering our arms to the stroller) and leisurely walked towards the café which is hardly 2 minutes. Discussing and aruging over what we will order and eat, we didn’t realize that we had walked to the end of the lane leaving the café behind. We came back a little, but where was the café? We couldn’t see any bright lights, no animated voices drifting to our ears. We walked back to where we had seen this small joint a few weeks back. The Yellow Tree was very much there but to our utter disappointment there were no tables, no chairs and no patrons. The signboard had been pulled out and there was a big lock hanging on the small wrought-iron gate to the café. What a dampener it turned out to be!

Then we thought of trying out our luck at Indigo café that was in the next lane. I said ‘trying out our luck’ because last we had heard it was under renovation and not open for the public. But our joy had no bounds when we saw it up and running. The Maitre d’ on seeing the baby in the stroller came forward to help us to our table.

While we seated ourselves and looked at the menu, Aanya already bored with the fuss, went off to her evening nap. The menu though not extensive was quite impressive. We ordered a pizza with sundried tomatoes, olives and capers to start with. I ordered an Indigo Sangria in red wine while Rishi ordered a frozen Peach Martini.

Meanwhile I looked around; there were two dining sections separated with see-through glass panel. In the inner section, there was the bar and the bakery (Indigo is famous for its boulangerie and  patisserie items, confitures and marmalades). The outer section where we were sitting could very well have been a patio but only covered. There were only a couple of tables occupied. It was still too early for Mumbaikars to have their dinner, I guess. The tables were wooden and nicely polished but without the fuss of runners and table mats. There was a small glass bowl filled with fresh white perfumed lilies and a white candle that the waiter lighted on our arrival. As I was taking in these minute details, when I could hear some whispers. I looked up to see Shekhar Kapoor, the eminent Indian Hollywood Director sauntering in. He was accompanied by his ex-partner, Suchitra Krishnamurthy and bubbly young daughter, Kaveri. They sat at the next table. After him, the restaurant started filling in. People entered, saw him and whispering went to their respective tables and soon forgot him. This was the beauty of Mumbai. People respect your privacy.

I was interrupted in my musings with the arrival of our drinks. My red wine sangria was slightly chilled lifting the wine’s aroma and flavor. Just then the ultra thin and crispy pizza came in. It was perfect and left us wanting for more. For the main course, Rishi had ordered a King Fish while I ordered a 3-cheese Risotto with asparagus and broken hazelnuts. The King fish dish was neatly done while I was immensely happy with my Risotto.

Aanya woke up just in time for the dessert. The Crème Brulée was superbly done. Even she enjoyed it a lot.

The bill totaled up to Rs. 3000/-. But then Indigo is an expensive place but not wrongfully so.

Full marks to Indigo Café on the tastefully done décor, right ambience and awesome food.

Way to Indi-Go Friends!

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