Quick Bites

Hot and Delicious Vada Pav

Vada Pau: You can’t be in Mumbai and not have the Vada Pau. One would say it’s the staple diet of Mumbaikars. There are numerous Vada Pau stalls visible at every nook and corner of this city. And believe me they all do brisk business as you simply cannot go wrong with Vada Pau. But this Vada Pau tastes out of this world. I am talking about a small vada pau stall in Worli beside Worli Petrol pump, opposte Santache Gallery. Stick only to their Pau Vada as Bhajji Pau somehow doesn’t have the same flavor. Though some would argue that vada pav from the stall opp. N.M is better; my only advise to them is: just try out this one.

Mafco Farm Fair at Worli Seaface

Cold Coffee/Frankies: How many of you have zoomed past the Worli Dairy without noticing this small kiosk? Yes I am talking about MAFCO right outside the big gates of Worli Dairy. It’s cold coffee is amazing, better than your frappés at CCD, Mocha, Costa, Tea leaf..well you got my point, right? Take a frankie too and gulp it down with the coffee. I know loads of bad cholesterol, but then who said street food is healt

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