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Tara nodded. Himanshu signalled for the check and scribbled his sign on the paper. Getting up, he took Tara’s hand in his, and walked out of the restaurant towards the elevators.

The tension in the elevator was heavy and palpable. Thankfully, there was no one else with them at this time of the evening except the lift boy.

As soon as they found themselves alone in the hotel room, Himanshu took Tara in his arms. Tara looked at Himanshu. She could see naked passion in his eyes. She had an idea that her eyes mirrored his emotions. Tara was attracted to him like she was to no other man. Himanshu was the only man who had ever made her feel like this, beautiful and wanton at the same time. Why did he make her feel so, happy, wild and alive?

Himanshu kissed her. Tara kissed him back. It was a long hungry kiss. She felt like the sleeping beauty who was meeting her prince charming after 100 years. Tara experienced raw passion. This was the passion that people wrote books on, fought wars for and killed and got killed for.

“Why did I ever let you go, Tara? I want you now forever!!”

Tara registered these words through a very fuzzy brain. She didn’t like the sound of these words. Forever. No. While she was scouring through her past, he was busy building their future. She was not looking for a future. At least not with Himanshu.

Then what are you doing here? She asked herself.

She suddenly realized what she was about to do? She stepped back.

“What happened?” Himanshu asked, confusion written large on his face.

“I can’t do it!” She said, shaken with what she had nearly done. How could she? Going out with your past boyfriend was one thing, sleeping with him and reneging on your marriage vows was quite another.

“You are a tease!” Himanshu cried. He was unable to believe that the passion she had seen in Tara’s eyes was a figment of his imagination. “I know you want me!” He said.

“Yes, that’s true, I want you. That doesn’t mean, I should.”

“Tara, we have a history; what we are doing is only natural.” He tried to explain.

“Yes, we have a history, and it had better stay that way.”

His confusion only deepened. And hers cleared. She realized what she should have a long time ago.

Read about Tara and Himanshu in Water under the bridge

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44 Responses to Vertigo

  1. syncwithdeep says:

    Thank god, writer madam you escaped. If not i will have commented “character assassination”. I am glad she realised before stepping into any dirty moves. Vertigo.. Smooth sail! V is villain

  2. Shalzmojo says:

    Oh it looked like Balaka was getting her naughty wish at first Anshu; then common sense came in! Thank God – one night of passion is the forbidden fruit which needs a lot of guts to handle later in life and I dont think Tara has that in her. She cant live a lie.

    V is for Vinyl Cafe #atozchallenge

  3. SeemaMisra says:

    I kinda suspected something like this would happen. It’s really well written. I loved this line:

    “This was the passion that people wrote books on, fought wars for and killed and got killed for.”

    Have you read the book, “The Bridges of Madison County” – you’ll love it.

    • mammaspeaks says:

      Thanks a lot Seema! I was inspired from the “the face that launched a thousand ships”.
      I have watched the movie with Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood, and loved it. It broke my heart that she could not join her love, because as a wife and a mother, she had her responsibilities too.

  4. Balaka says:

    Anshu I loved this episode…this is exactly how I would have wanted… however she could have done this after a proper one night stand…bichare Himanshu ko beech raste Tanga Diya😂😂😂😂
    Great storytelling..very sensitively done… In one word ‘PERFECT’

  5. Neethu says:

    Gud gal Tara….u can kiss once more and leave the place..😜..Tara has a loving and dutiful husband…so she should remember him and push off but not before asking Himanshu how he could betray her trust

  6. Sigh! Well at least she will never wonder ‘What if’. Great build up.

    • mammaspeaks says:

      Thanks Ashwini! She never got to sleep with him, so she might still wonder ‘what if’ .. but it is OK. Some ‘what ifs’ better stay that way… 🙂

  7. Superbly written. I have been refraining from saying this but ‘what a jerk’. She should have hit him in his groin while she was at it, for old time’s sake.

  8. Aesha says:

    I see a closure now for Tara.. finally she will get over with Himanshu

  9. Akshata Ram says:

    Looks like she is clear now and the fuzziness has cleared. The one night stand would have further complicated things though I will still await that immoral version from you Anshu- make it steamy!

  10. Shilpa Nairy says:

    Sigh! I am happy to see this! Hope no more twist 🙂

  11. Meha Sharma says:

    Sense prevailed. But, I liked how you created a balance. She did get carried away but found her footing. Great read. Lovely narration.

  12. Meena says:

    I am glad Tara saw right and wrong soon. Himanshu got a taste of his own medicine of getting left in the lurch. Only we naughty girls did not get our wish! LOL

  13. This is too hard to achieve though, hats off to our rockstar Tara. She is capable of pulling off anything once determined.
    I wish could see Himanshu’s expressions 😂😂

  14. Anagha Yatin says:

    Happy that sleeping beauty finally woke up for better! I hope the message is clear to both of them to lead the future peacefully.

  15. Rashmi says:

    Thank God Tara came out of her reverie. Though a dreamer, she seems to be sensible enough to know what is good and bad for her.

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