#WriteBravely – Celebrate difference (72 words)

I am taking part in the Write Tribe Festival of Words.

And today’s prompt is –

peas in a pod

#WriteBravely – Celebrate difference

Celebrate difference

They were inseparable, like the Siamese twins, like two peas in a pod.

“Let’s marry!” Siya suggested.

“The world won’t let us live together,” replied Roma.

7 years later, they met again. Disillusioned. One ran away from an abusive marriage, the other threw out a cheating partner.

“Let’s marry!” Siya suggested.

“The world?” asked Roma.

“As if I care; let’s celebrate difference.”

They hugged each other so tight they looked fused into one.



About Anshu Bhojnagarwala

Fiction Addict. Agatha Christie Fan.
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6 Responses to #WriteBravely – Celebrate difference (72 words)

  1. Meena says:

    So few words and so many emotions conveyed. Kudos, Anshu

  2. Thank you Meena, you always encourage me!

  3. Anagha Yatin says:

    Life does give second chance and glad that they took it this time.
    Good one Anshu.

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