Guardian Angel

PHOTO PROMPT © Jilly Funell

Hosted by Friday Fictioneers

“I badly need coffee.”

“Let’s go to the tower first. Visiting hours will end soon,” she urged.

They got a panoramic bird’s eye view of the city. But he could only see the people sitting on the road side café and enjoying their coffee.

“Let’s leave,” he said.

They heard a loud explosion and the tower shook. It felt as if the earth had moved from beneath their feet. He looked down where thick clouds of smoke and dust were rising up. He could hear sirens in the distance.

Where did the café go?

About Anshu Bhojnagarwala

Fiction Addict. Agatha Christie Fan.
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39 Responses to Guardian Angel

  1. Iain Kelly says:

    Fate was looking out for them, or an angel, but not those at the cafe. I wonder if they will feel some survivor guilt in years to come.

  2. pennygadd51 says:

    Wow, that’s some twist at the end! I wonder what caused the explosion at the café.

  3. Prior... says:

    Quite a twist of fate! And I have been there – jonesing for a cup
    Of java – and it worked out for him to yield

  4. Dale says:

    When it is not your time, it is not your time! Lucky for them.

  5. Abhijit Ray says:

    This can be scary. Bomb explosion while up at the tower.

  6. Dear Anshu,

    I’ll bet coffee is the last thing on his mind now. Nicely done.



  7. I suppose an event like that would put me off of coffee and drive me straight to something harder. Nice twist.

  8. Liz Young says:

    They were indeed more fortunate than those people in the cafe.

  9. 4963andypop says:

    Wow. The perils of drinking coffee. Mysterious surprise at the end. Was the bomb meant for them?

  10. subroto says:

    A guardian angel indeed! There are always people who walk away unscatheted from major incidents, looks like they are in that category.

  11. trentpmcd says:

    But now where will they get their coffee? Sorry 😉 My first thought was close to what Iain said. It was a lucky escape (or a well fated escape? Divinely inspired escape?) but I hope they don’t have survivor’s guilt over it.

  12. granonine says:

    OH, well done! He missed his coffee, but I’ll bet he’s very thankful!

  13. michael1148humphris says:

    A well told story, reminding us that Fate is such a strange thing

  14. jillyfunnell says:

    A chance escape, safely above the tragedy that came by chance for those unfortunate enough to be in the coffee place. Nothing and nobody is safe in this life. Well told.

  15. I think that it’s time to look for something stronger than coffee… what serendipity

  16. lisarey1990 says:

    Very unexpected twist. Well-written.

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