Revealing #AuthorChatter!!!



We are hosting #AuthorChatter!!

What is #AuthorChatter?

#AuthorChatter is a virtual tête-à-tête in an effort to know you and your recently published ebook.

#AuthorChatter is a joint effort by Ashwini, Priya and Yours Truly!!

Ashwini’s Blog:

Priya’s Blog:

We will send across around 10 curated questions about your new book as well as your journey as an author.

Why should you sign up for #AuthorChatter?

It’s a valid question. Months after publishing your book and breaking your head over all the marketing strategies that you came across, you had thought it was all behind you. But we believe selling a book is a tough nut. Your book might be the best read out there, but how do you let your readers know. Arrives #AuthorChatter.

#AuthorChatter is a humble attempt on our side to spread the word about your book across the blogosphere. After all, every bit counts.

And, for select interviews that blow our mind away, we have exciting and customized prizes in store sponsored by @AadhyamICS a Web, Digital and Graphics Design Agency in Mumbai providing high-quality, cost-effective and personalized services.

Follow @AadhyamICS and us – @priyreflects, @Ashwini_Menon and @anshuwrites on Twitter to earn some brownie points.

What you need to do?

Write to us on requesting for the questionnaire by 11th July. Just say ‘Hi. We would like to participate in the #AuthorChatter activity.’ The questionnaire contains questions (not more than 10) about your book and your writing journey. Answer them as briefly and as interestingly as possible. Send it to us by 17th July.

Now, sit back and relax. NO! Not yet!

We request you to read, share and comment on the interviews of other authors as well using the hashtag #AuthorChatter. Time to share some love in the #BlogChatter community!!! After all giving and taking go hand in hand, our teachers taught us!!

We are excited!!! Are you???

Then write to us at

Don’t forget the dates :

Request for the questionnaire by 11th July.

Send the questionnaire duly filled by 17th July.


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11 Responses to Revealing #AuthorChatter!!!

  1. Sooo excited!! Let’s rock this!!

  2. Brilliant initiative. I would love to answer your questions. Sending across the mail.

  3. Have sent across the mail. Looking forward to this interesting interaction.

  4. syncwithdeep says:

    Great going.. Have fun

  5. Ashwini CN says:

    This is a great initiative. I’m looking forward to reading the interviews. Good luck to all the authors, I’m sure this platform will make an impact on them and their books.

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