Que sera sera

This story is part of a novella – A girl was born

Do check out the first and the subsequent chapters – https://firsttimemommy.net/category/a-z-blogging-challenge-2018/

17th chapter

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On that fateful day, she slept through her alarm. Nikhil had left early morning on another business trip. She couldn’t sleep for a very long time after he left, and then when the sleep finally came to her, she missed the alarm. She opened her eyes only to realise that her daughter’s school bus was long gone. Cursing herself, she ran to her daughter’s bedroom to wake her up. She sent her to the bathroom, while she herself got ready in the meantime. To make matters worse, it started raining. It was not just a drizzle, but a heavy downpour of July. She drove like a maniac, luckily there was not much traffic at this time of the morning, and no traffic cop as well. They reached the school just as the guard was about to close the gate.

Shaken and drained by her early morning rush, she felt the need for a strong ginger tea. But the thought of sipping tea all alone in the big house didn’t appeal much to her. There was a good café nearby. She thought of visiting it and treating herself to tea and some nice leisurely breakfast, prepared by someone else for a change. Also, she had a couple of hours before her school started. She couldn’t get a parking close to the café, and as she had forgotten to carry her umbrella in the rush, she entered the café with her hair wet and clothes soaked.

She felt a blast of cold air from the air-conditioning freezing her wet skin. She shivered and felt the fine hair on her arms stand up. She desperately needed that tea before she caught her death of cold. Spotting a quiet place at the end of the café, that was away from the direct draught of air too, she started walking towards it. She was about to sit down, when she heard her name spoken aloud. She froze. She recognized the voice instantly. All these years, she had almost convinced herself that she had forgotten the deep intonation of that voice. She turned around slowly and hesitatingly, hardly believing it was happening and still trying to convince herself that it was really happening. She saw a hand waving at her. She saw him then. Sitting in the corner, alone. She smiled in recognition. He beckoned her to come and join him. Without thinking twice, she started moving towards him, like a magnet.

Any guesses for who he is? Come tomorrow for Red for Danger

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28 Responses to Que sera sera

  1. It end s the way it does and the next post in Red for Danger…? Noooo!

  2. Akshata Ram says:

    No prizes for guessing. Its strange right we always play this scene n our mind about a chance encounter with the ex and how he/she will be left sad and we will walk with our head held high but when it actually happens, its juts like meeting any other person. Coincidentally my post too is titled Que Sera Sera!

    • mammaspeaks says:

      Yes, I noticed that!! Que sera sera!! Same pinch! 🙂 We play the scene in our mind, but it is always very different to the one we envisage. Let’s see what happens tomorrow !

  3. syncwithdeep says:

    So she is going to meet him.. Wonder what next.. I cannot guess roughly too what will be your next take. Q is Quest for Queen of your Life.

  4. Meha Sharma says:

    Loved the build up in this chapter. Himanshu is back!!

  5. Aesha says:

    Anshu, why are you doing this to us? Can’t wait for tomorrow now

  6. Rashmi says:

    So, the mind played the trick and her ex is standing right before her eyes! Waiting for the next chapter to be revealed.

  7. Neethu says:

    Oh noooooo..he’s back..the demon is back 😒

  8. Neethu says:

    With his sob stories..and Tara being the typical will fall for them😨

  9. Shalzmojo says:

    I dont think we need to guess – it could be the one person who she was thinking about the other day!

  10. I loved the narration of this post. andlook who he is here. who would have thought? 😉 Red for danger.. now we are talking 😉

  11. Balaka says:

    Yipppeee. He is back…I will straight away Hop to R

  12. Dipika Singh says:

    So he is back…. Hmm I am happy and clueless too. Trying to put me in Tara’s shoes. How would react? Probably my heart will pop out from its cavity.

    • mammaspeaks says:

      I think so too, how I would react! Morning I come up with a different reaction, and in the evening, it’s an entirely different one. I guess it depends on my mood! 🙂

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