Sammy Sosa – The Mexican Restaurant

My husband, Rishi’s cousins stay in Goregaon which is hardly a 30 min drive from Andheri but it had been almost 3 years since we had last met. Yes, sadly that’s Mumbai life for you – lazy and busy. So last Sunday, finally we all decided to meet up over a lazy lunch. Leaving Aanya alone at home for the first time with her new caregiver was not an easy decision, but I will get to it later. Aanya waved us off (yes, my l’il baby has learnt to say ‘tata’ to anybody who goes out through the door) happily (she didn’t realize that we were going out leaving her behind).

 So finally, we headed towards, Sammy Sosa, a small cosy joint in Oshiwara famous for its Mexican food. Rishi and I have been its regular patrons since the time it opened up in 2008. And coincidentally, Sharad (Rishi’s cousin) and his wife, Twisha too had been to this place before and liked it. The food is delicious, even though the menu hasn’t changed much in the last few years.  On a hot Sunday afternoon, we were made to wait outside as the restaurant was full. But we didn’t mind as we had lots to catch up on. And something that we appreciated was the chilled lemongrass drink that they served us while we were waiting.

 After about a quarter of an hour, we were ushered in to the cool interiors of the restaurant. As we were famished, we hardly took much time in placing the order. For a change, this time, vegetarians were in majority, poor Rishi was the only non-vegetarian eating member in the group.

Happy Faces at Sammy Sosa

 For the appetizers, we ordered smoked Quesadillas (they call it Smokedillas) with pickled black olives and jalapenos and mozzarella cheese and Nachos with cheddar cheese and black lentils. Both the starters were mind-blowing. Nachos with black lentils was a total surprise, it was awfully tasty. Freshly prepared salsa and sour cream were heavenly.

 Our appetites were so whetted with the delicious starters, that we attacked the main course with gusto as soon as it came in. The first dish to come in was Popeye’s Secret, baked spinach crepes stuffed with asparagus and tomato cooked in cheddar sauce. The soft creamy crepes just melted in your mouth and gave you a feeling of sublime happiness. Next came Lasagna in red sauce which was equally commendable.

Rishi who had ordered a Southern Smoked Chicken for himself found his dish to be perfectly cooked and yummy. He downed it with his favorite Long Island drink.

 We were quite full but, as you know marwaris with their famous sweet-tooth can’t end a meal without dessert, so we ended up ordering Chocolate Walnut Brownie with ice cream and melted chocolate sauce. It was gooey and soft and quickly disappeared. Need I say more?

Chocolate Walnut Brownie

While we were waiting for the check, the owner came to us to inquire about our meal satisfaction. On talking, we came to know, that he had named the restaurant after his favorite former Dominican base ball player.

Rs. 2400/- for 4 with awesome food, nice ambience and impeccable service is a very good deal.

The only downer is the size of the restaurant, it’s small and congested. They could definitely do with moving to a larger place seeing the place is always flooded with patrons.

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4 Responses to Sammy Sosa – The Mexican Restaurant

  1. Anshu, we haven’t met – Rishi may or may not have told you about me – just saw your WordPress blog site on Rishi’s post on FB.

    Coming to this, has the restaurant changed the name? I ask because Sammy the great Sosa the wonderful home run hitting machine has not been allowed entry in the “Hall of Fame” because he used PED’s commonly known as steroids. Ask the owner the next time you go there….

    • Hi Ashishbhai, yes have heard a lot about you from Rishi, especially after he came back from celebrating Uttarayan with you last year. Hope you are doing well! The name’s still the same or was till 2 weeks back. But if I get the opportunity will surely ask the owner if he would like to change the name given the history of the person after whom it’s named.

  2. Ashish Parikh says:

    You have a flair for writing – keep it up… and Aanya looks so sweet in pictures… will definitely try to meet up with you all next time we are in India… Take care….

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